About Bloomingdales

When many people think of Bloomingdale’s, they think about the grand department store near Central Park in New York, where people from all over the world shop for the latest designer fashions. In fact, this was one of, if not the most famous department store in the city at one time.

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While it was once a store that was unique to New York City, there are now Bloomingdale’s stores dotted across the United States. Here you will find great deals on the latest fashions from all of your favorite designers. No trip to New York City is complete without a visit to the world-famous Bloomingdale’s department store.

The History of Bloomingdale’s

The first Bloomingdale’s department store began by selling ladies fashions, and the first product advertised and sold was a hoop skirt. This was the first item that was carried in the Ladies’ Notions Shop in the Lower East Side of New York.

The store was operated by Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale. This store was different from the rest of the area stores that sold just one type of clothing item. They opened their East Side Bazaar in 1872, selling a variety of European fashions. This store would lead to bigger and better things, and the department store would soon be born. In 1886, they moved their location to 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, and by the 1920’s had expanded to take up a full city block.

Bloomingdale’s has come a long way from the tiny store that began by selling hoop skirts to women. Today, it is a huge chain, with department stores located throughout the United States. Some of the well-known designer names you will find in these stores include Polo Ralph Lauren, Norma Kamali and Perry Ellis, just to name a few. In addition to fashions, you will also find a huge selection of bed and bath items, home décor items, luggage and more. This is truly a department store with something for everyone.

The Registry at Bloomingdale’s

If you are a bride-to-be, you can register for gifts at Bloomingdale’s. This is so convenient for your wedding guests. Choosing just the right gifts can be quite difficult, but when they have a list on a gift registry to choose from, they have few difficulties finding that perfect wedding gift. When you sign up for the registry, you will have the guidance of a Personal Registry Consultant from the moment you register until you have completely created your list. They will help you choose the right items, and give you tips to help you create the ideal registry.

There are many perks to signing up for the gift registry. You will receive discounts on clothing, jewelry, intimates and luggage, as well as a number of bonus gifts. You will also receive a honeymoon travel kit when you spend more than $75 on cosmetics and fragrances. Talk to a Registry Consultant about planning a honeymoon at one of the Leading Hotels of the World, where you can enjoy dinner for two, champagne, couple’s massages and much more. Free monograming on linens, towels and more is also available.

Where to Find Bloomingdale’s Stores

As previously mentioned, there are Bloomingdale’s stores all over the US. You will find four locations in Florida alone, six locations in California, and three each in New York and New Jersey, plus many more. Some of these stores can be found at the following shopping malls:

  • Lenox Square – Atlanta, GA
  • Westfield Fashion Square Shopping Center – Sherman Oaks, CA
  • The Falls – Miami, FL
  • The Mall at Millenia – Orlando, FL
  • Willowbrook Mall – Wayne, NJ
  • King of Prussia Mall – Prussia, PA
  • Tysons Corner Center – McLean, VA

Bloomingdale’s at Outlet Malls

Not only will you find Bloomingdale’s stores in traditional malls, there are also stores located in various outlet malls across the United States. These aren’t actual outlet stores, but they are extremely convenient when you want to visit a department store without having to leave the outlet malls. Many of these malls have a number of larger department stores, including Bloomingdale’s. While these may not be outlet stores, you will be pleased to find many discounted prices on the department stores located in outlet malls. Here is a list of the outlet malls where you will find Bloomingdale’s stores:

  • California – Livermore Premium Outlets in Livermore
  • Virginia – Potomac Mills in Prince William
  • New Hampshire – Merrimack Premium Outlets in Merrimack
  • Texas – Grand Prairie Premium Outlets in Grand Prairie
  • New Jersey – The Outlets at Bergen Town Center in Paramus
  • Florida – Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise

The next time you want to get the latest designer fashions at affordable prices, head straight to your nearest Bloomingdale’s department store. You will find fashions, footwear and accessories for the whole family, and there are always promotions going on that will help you save money. Bring home an item from Bloomingdale’s, and bring home a little piece of US fashion history.

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